What is a Kanban?

A Kanban board is a type of a project organization tool that displays tasks to be done and the overall progress of the team in a more visual way. It is also generally used in agile development methodology.

When someone works on a project, he moves his task from one column to another as he completes it. This makes it easier for the rest of the team to know if he is making headway.

The higher in a column a topic is, the higher priority. The importance of a topic can be relative. For example, you could decide to finish small tasks that are not so important in value for the client (or more globally – project stakeholders). Working on such tasks first allows you to empty the board and make things move forward faster. Or you could decide to work on more complex tasks of higher values early on to secure the next meeting.

Reordering task priorities are as simple as drag-and-dropping. One of the great benefits of Kanban boards is to be able to edit them easily.

How to use a Kanban board?

Each project you create in Bricks has a Kanban, one per working group actually. You can find the board on the top menu on the Project page.

Each time you create a topic, this topic is visible in a special column of the Kanban, the “BACKLOG”. The backlog is the “reverse log” of all tasks to be done. You can also prioritize topics by moving more strategic tasks on top of the column.

When you decide to include a topic in the current working sprint, you simply drag the topic to the “TO DO” column.

Each project member moves his own tasks to the appropriate columns as he progresses in the workflow, until the task is completed and can then be moved to the “DONE” column!

It is possible to reorganize the columns order, rename them to fit your working group workflow and create a new one, just like when adding a new step in the workflow.

To reorganize the columns order, hover the mouse cursor over the upper-left corner of each column and drag the column to the position you want.

To create a new column, click on ‘Add’ button in a form of a plus sign on the right side of the board, enter a name and click ‘Create’ button.

To rename a column, click on ‘Edit’ option at the top of the column, enter a new name, and click ‘Edit’.

To create a topic on the Kanban board, click on ‘Add’ option at the top of the column, add a title of the topic, add a short description, attach images, click on ‘Create’ button.


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